Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Where Crayzee is Mainstream

This may have been the highlight of Eustice's year.

You may not have known, but Eustice is a gamer. Well, by proxy anyway. He sits on my desk while I, and sometimes Rob, play World Of Warcraft. He was quite excited to be able to go along with us to the official Launch Party at Fry's in Fountain Valley.

You know one of Eustice's favorite hobbies is meeting new people, and there were so many interesting people to meet that he was having me run around in all sorts of directions. Rob kept getting lost. We weren't lost, we knew where we were!

First thing when we got there Eustice wanted to stop to speak to the woman sitting at the Press Table.I have no idea what they talked about. No longer being a member of the "press" myself, I was not privy to the conversation. He did say that she was clearly a well informed woman. I think Eustice enjoys keeping me in the dark about some things a little too much. 

If it wasn't for the fact that no one would notice Eustice walking up to them on his own, sometimes I think he would just skip off without me.

 Then he stopped and visited for a while with this nice gentleman. You can see Eustice sitting there on his knee. He really did have one of the best "seats" available. He said it was one of the rare times that being handicapped came in handy for him.

 We stopped for a while and checked out the new NVIDIA 3-D Graphics card. To see the screen in 3-D you have to wear special powered sunglasses. I had to take the sunglasses away from Eustice before I could get a picture, because he had started mindlessly chewing on the attached USB cable while watching the demo.  The 3-D really was sharp and impressive. While I understood how distracting it might have been... I was just really glad that no one noticed his little teeth marks. He also visited with the NVIDIA rep and a clever woman making murloc balloon hats.

Eustice is really fascinated by all things murloc. He says it has nothing to do with the fact that they might eat him... but I'm not so sure.

The next order of business was snacks! Lee's Philly Gogi was there and Rob and I had to have us some Gogi tacos. They were yummeh. Eustice took a sniff...he ate a little of the seasonings on top and then gave me dirty looks. I pointed out to Eustice that it was not like the cow was anyone we knew.

Really, sometimes his sensitivity is sweet and other times; well, it's just kinda hard to enjoy a delicious gogi beef taco when there is a sheep you love nearby giving you dirty looks.

I told him that if he didn't stop it he couldn't have anymore of the lemonade from Hot Dog on a Stick and I'd put him back in my purse.  I really think it was the idea of no more of the best lemonade in the world and not being inside my purse that adjusted his attitude.

Of all the people that Eustice met, I think this young woman was his favorite. I don't know why the Dwarven race is his favorite but it just seems to be. As you can see they clearly bonded. 

Here are some other pictures of the people Eustice met.

I think this is Mr. Lee of Lee's Philly Gogi. This was before we ordered.

One of the Cataclysm Developers.

PIRATES! ...and their pet murloc. Eustice is on the murloc's head.

Eustice also met some Warlock's Minions.
A blood elf and her friends. She said she'd heard of Eustice's "kind" before. We were all a little baffled by that. Eustice was rather disturbed by the strangely pale hands of her purple friends. He notices things like that.

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