Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's not always about Eustice...

This is an actual instant message conversation that I had today with my next-door neighbor. Names have been changed to protect the sane. 

TheNeighbor: Hey how do I stick my tongue out at you

TheNiceLady: you need to find the drop down window for the smilies.

TheNiceLady: =:)

TheNiceLady: I can show you later. We’re going to go get eggs. And stuff.

TheNeighbor: eggs what kind of eggs, like chicken.....or human

TheNiceLady: gross. We're getting sharks eggs :P

TheNeighbor:'s gotta ask

TheNiceLady: and also platypus eggs and maybe an ostrich egg. To make pie crust.
                       okay? Nosy pants.

TheNeighbor: okay that's scary

TheNiceLady: do you have some clean newspaper? I need packing material. The only box I have is too big.

TheNeighbor: disturbing question ...why?

TheNiceLady: because I'm mailing an xmas gift to a friend. I can't have the body rolling around too much. If the blood leaks out she'll never get the package.

TheNeighbor: oh yeah, I think I might even have packing material let me look

TheNiceLady: 8-}
TheNiceLady: =P~

TheNeighbor: okay that's gross

TheNiceLady: :-h

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