Monday, April 4, 2011


Eustice and I haven't really been getting out very much again outside of seeing doctors. On April Fools Day I discovered that I am so awesome that I actually pranked myself! I'm sure you're just dying to know how I did that. I managed to fail to delete an entry for an eye doctor appointment in my calendar. I also knew that I had an upcoming appointment with a completely different eye doctor that I didn't yet have when I made the appointment with the first eye doctor that I failed to delete. 

When the reminder came up (for April 1st) I assumed it was the upcoming appointment with the new eye doctor since I'd only written "eye doctor" on the calender. Way to go with the specifics there since there was only one eye doctor when I wrote it. So on April Fools Day (or is that April Fool's day?) I drive 30 minutes to a doctor appointment that isn't until Wed. and of course the office staff lets me sit for 15 minutes before telling me that the doctor isn't even in the office on Fridays.

So since we were already far away from home we decided to stop off and visit a friend. It just so happened that she was helping out a friend of hers at his business. Guess what he does?

Eustice was so excited... he wanted pictures taken with everything... he started muttering "vroom... vroom..." when he thought I wasn't paying attention to him. I really regretted only having my cell phone camera with us. 

Eustice begged to take this for a spin. I had to tell him that his hooves wouldn't reach the pedals.

Not my arm.

Eustice clearly has a thing for cars with flames.
Everyone keeps mummified alien corpses in their auto shop... right? 

Seems I'm not the only one that brings home stray sheep.
Yes, that's a sheep up in the loft. And Eustice was very annoyed with me because I would not climb the ladder to the loft so he could meet this sheep. My friend was shocked at his childish behavior and put an end to his tantrum... 
Not my bewbs.

Like all boys Eustice is very easy to distract. He later made me promise not to tell Eunice. So now I have to ask you to promise too!

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  1. It just took me a minute to realize how big that sheep was.